About us

What we do and who we are

About our network

Grown from our needs to serve technical services (webservers, mailservers, DNS servers and so on) for our customers at internezzo ag, we started our own AS in 2022 to have our traffic under control.

Our network is dual-stacked and all services we provide are available via IPv4 and IPv6.

As a local internet registry (LIR) we can support you to get your own resources. Just contact us if you’re interested: info@as206087.net.


As of now we’re connected to the following providers and IXPs:

  • Transit via Swisscom
  • Transit via GAS&COM
  • Peerings via SwissIX

Abuse Contact

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any kind of security related or abusive behaviour we should know of, to abuse@as206087.net.

Please include details / logs, including timestamps and timezone details.

Actual DoS / Spam / other kinds of abuse will be taken care of and are not tolerated within AS206087.