Peering Policy

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General Information

We operate with a generally open peering policy.

We offer zero settlement peering to exchange traffic between our networks to peers networks present at the same IXPs or datacenter-locations (as in “exchange packets, not money”).

On IXPs we generally peer with the route-servers to both announce our prefixes and get prefixes from the other IXP participants peering at that IXP.

Individual peering agreements are subject to certain technical, organizational, commercial and legal requirements.

Peering Requests

Please contact us with your peering request - or any question you have at



  • We only peer with networks that offer IPv6 connectivity
  • Peers must have it’s own autonomous system number (ASN)
  • Peers must have their own prefixes to announce
  • Peers must maintain a complete and current PeeringDB profile
  • Peers shall not establish a route of last resort, i.e. default route, directed to internezzo’ network
  • Minimal connectivity speed is 1 Gbit/s, max. depends on availability (for connections directly to our routers)


  • Peer must register and maintain entries in a public internet routing registry (IRR) database
  • Peer should use IRR entries for filtering routing entries
  • Peer must maintain systems and a process to detect and mitigate malicious or illegal traffic originating from peer’s network
  • Both parties agree to not advertise received routes to other peers unless mutually agreed to do so.


  • A contact point for all related topics (abuse/security, connectivity issues, …) must be provided so we can stay in touch
  • internezzo should be notified about any changes to the contact details

Important Information

internezzo reserves the right to revise or change this document at any time without notice. We see this guide as a living document documenting the current state and we’ll update it when we see a need to do so.

We’ll review existing peering agreements. In case the criteria for a zero settlement peering are not longer met, we may cancel individual peering agreements with a thirty (30) days written notice.

Version 1.0 / 2023-02-13